About Us

This isn’t your pantry shelf popcorn! There is a lot of science behind and within every popcorn kernel and the processing equipment that drives the flavor and texture of our gourmet popcorn! Everything is made from scratch - we don’t use any prepackaged or out of the box ingredients. We make our own caramels and use REAL cheddar cheeses, spices and rich smooth Belgian chocolates. We pop fresh each day in our kitchen located in Moore, South Carolina. It all started with a connoisseurial dream, and the perfect combination of sugars cheeses, fresh spices and some family recipes. We started popping into the Spartanburg SC scene in 2019. Focusing on the quality, freshness, and service is how we’ve grown into a Spartanburg staple. We take pride in providing a great customer experience and being part of our local community. Our mission is simple: Nothing fake about it. We use real ingredients and spices to make your tastebuds POP and make people smile! Our hand-crafted popcorn is made in small batches to ensure peak freshness with supreme quality and flavor. Our popcorn kernels are grown-in-the-USA and GMO free.


If you’re looking for an unforgettable treat, sending a customized gift to a loved one or corporate partner, wedding and event popcorn bars - Kerneltime Gourmet Popcorn & Sweets® can deliver. We ship nationally in the United States and all throughout Canada. Our treats are carefully packed to ensure happiness when each order is received.